The Daniel Art Studio is located in in rural Sanger, Texas just north of Dallas and Fort Worth. Similarly to his studio’s current location, Jerry was born and raised in the rural Southwest.

While earning outstanding achievements and respect in the fields of art education and design, Jerry Daniel has never abandoned his commitment to his vision as a working artist. At the studio Jerry utilizes a wide variety of tools and methods to create the final form of each dancer.

All three-sided dancers are filled with a steel skeleton.

As one piece of a set of six dancers, this dancer stretches across the studio while being finalized.

Like many artist, Jerry's studio is filled with unique pieces for inspiration. Some of these are orgininals of the artist, while some are from those that inspire him.

Jerry's recent work includes re-vamping a bluebonnet sculpture for a sculpture walk.

Prickly Pear cactus plants surround the studio and have become common in the area.

Welded steel leaves behind a unique residue on the shop tables.

A recently refinished dancer stands near the shop.

Some dancers are made with cut solid steel, and leave behind unique scrap pieces that collect a beautiful patina.